One of the best sports photographers in Oro Valley, AZ, Erik Wilkinson began his photography career in 2006.  At that time, his focus was on taking images of children’s sports.  As more and more parents requested images, Erik began a non-profit photography company raising thousands of dollars for local student athletic programs in Oro Valley. 


In 2010, Erik was diagnosed with cancer.  Fortunately, the treatments of surgery and a few months of chemotherapy worked and he remains cancer free today.  This experience encouraged Erik to reevaluate his life’s goals and focus more time on the things he truly enjoyed.  Thus, he began applying his professional sports photography expertise into telling stories with wedding photography, senior portraits and family pictures resulting in the formation of Oro Valley Photography. 


He is the rare photographer that uses his subtle sense of humor to comfort others to make honest expressions radiate.  His passion and continual drive to always make his next image his best image make his work stand out.  If you are planning a wedding or scheduling portraits, then he is one of the few local photographers that you should consider.     


Erik has been a contributing photographer and author of multiple articles in local publications including the Oro Valley Life Magazine.  Some of the articles have been included in the OVP blog.  His professional memberships include Sports Shooter and Canon Professional Services (Platinum Level).


"Photography is my passion, it allows me to capture a moment in time that will last for eternity."